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Lesson Options

Brief Overview

          Lessons are typically offered Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings as well as Saturday mornings. Group and private lessons are one-hour and leadline lessons are half-hour. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced group lessons. Unfortunately, our lesson program is currently full and we are not accepting new students. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Group Lessons

           Church Hills Stable offers group lessons with individualized attention. Our groups are small, which allows our instructors to focus on each student's specific needs while creating a safe and enjoyable experience. Students will learn safety, brushing, saddling, bridling, as well as general horse care and riding!

            Leadline lessons are offered to children aged 4-7 years. Students will ride a horse led by one of our experienced lesson instructors. These introductory level lessons focus on getting the students accustomed to the basics of horseback riding. 

Private Lessons

             For students who prefer or require one-to-one instruction, private lessons can be arranged when requested. 
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